We are two guys from Gothenburg, Sweden, that love design and started Noun to express our creativity. Read more about us below...

Noun is run by us, Mattias Karlsson and Daniel Ståhle. We live and work in Gothenburg, Sweden. The two of us met while working at the same company, more than ten years ago.

Soon after meeting and working together, we discovered that we share a common interest in product design. We are both very interested in existing designs and we value smart designs that are beautiful to the eye. We have spent a lot of time talking about products that we love and value.
With time, our conversations developed and we began discussing a desire to design our own products. This would give us a way to transfer our own thoughts on design into real and tangible products. And most importantly, it would give us a way to express our own creativity and have lots of fun in the process.

It was clear to us that if we were to realize our ambition, the only logic way forward would be to start a company and give it a go. In 2019, we took that leap and started our own company and the brand Noun.
From the start, we had some existing ideas that were already in development. One of those ideas was the Firewood Holder which became our first manufactured product. We are continuing to develop our ideas and we get new ideas pretty much every time we sit down and have a discussion. We know we will not be able to realize all of our ideas, but it is such a good feeling to discuss our own designs and how to develop them that we don’t mind if some of them will remain as ideas only. The important thing is that we allow our creativity too flow freely and that we love what we do.

We have no focus on specific product types for our design practice. The common denominator of our designs is the idea of packaging creative ideas into beautiful designs. This can be anything and everything that come to our mind. We simply love the idea of using our creativity to bring consumers smart and beautiful products.
One guiding aspect of our designs is that we strive to create designs that have a high level of creativity and quality which we aim to translate into smart and beautiful products that have a long term durability. Pricing is always an issue to consider, but quality will always be the guiding light of our work.

Simply put, we design products that we love ourselves, that flow from our creativity and that express ourselves. Ultimately the final character of our designs and their pricing will reflect what we ourselves want to make and how we wish to make it. We believe that this is the best way to create products, as this will reflect our own personalities and will stay true to ourselves.
Another aspect of our design philosophy is that we believe in the importance of caring for the environment and therefore oppose the buy-and-throw mentality of many consumer products.

Consequently, we strive to achieve a balance between us and our environment also when designing our products. We try our best to select production methods and locations as well as shipping options that provide the best balance between the environment and the need for quality and consumer expectations.

We look with a keen eye on the future and hope that you will follow our journey in creating smart and beautiful products for everyday use.